5.9 Running Management Actions

This procedure does the cataloging that enables the existing storage to be managed by File Dynamics.

  1. In the Admin Client, click the Identity Driven tab.

  2. Click Objects.

  3. In the left pane, browse to select the organizational unit associated with the policy that you created earlier.

  4. Right-click the organizational unit and select User > Manage.

  5. Verify that the selected organizational unit is listed in the Targets region of the Take Action page.

  6. From the Management Action menu, select Manage.

  7. Click Preview to view what actions will be taken.

  8. Click Execute to initiate the Management Actions.

  9. (Conditional) If you have other policy settings to apply, including quota, permissions, and a template, do so using the Apply Quota, Apply Permissions, and Apply Template menu options respectively.

    For more information on these, and other Management Actions, see Section 12.2.5, Management Actions.