6.4 Enabling Your Network for Quota Management

File Dynamics leverages the disk quota capabilities of Windows Server 2008 and later that are exposed via File Server Resource Manager (FSRM).

IMPORTANT:File Dynamics cannot manage quotas on home folders, collaborative storage folders, or auxiliary storage hosted on Windows Server 2003 machines. Furthermore, File Dynamics cannot manage quotas on NAS devices.

For all Windows Server 2008 and later servers hosting home, collaborative, or auxiliary storage managed by File Dynamics with quota management enabled, you must have the File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) role installed. Additionally, if the Windows Firewall is enabled, then you must set an exception rule on each server that permits remote FSRM management. FSRM management is needed because the Engine is managing the quota remotely. FSRM must also be installed on the server hosting the Engine.

For more information, see Section B.1, Windows Firewall Requirements.

The process for setting an exception rule differs among the various offerings of Windows Server.