9.2 Managing Quotas Through Quota Manager

  1. Launch a Web browser.

  2. Enter the following address: https://ip-address-or-dns-name-of-engine-server:3009/qm

  3. (Conditional) If a message appears informing you that the connection is not trusted, proceed by adding the security exception and downloading the certificate.

    The following screen appears:

  4. Enter a username and password and click Login.

    The username and password must correspond to a user that has been designated as a quota manager either directly or through a group association.

    The username must be in SAM account format such as domain\useror user@full.domain.com.

  5. In the Object(s) field, specify a user, group, or container name, or use an asterisk (*).

    In large networks, building a list through the asterisk can be time consuming.

  6. Specify your display and filter preferences in the corresponding regions.

  7. Click Submit.

  8. Select the user, group, or container you want to manage and click the Manage Object button.

  9. Add or remove a quota or perform a storage analysis by using the buttons provided.