4.0 Configure the Event Monitor Scopes

Products like Microsoft Exchange frequently create and remove objects such as groups that are not managed by File Dynamics. In previous releases of Storage Manager for Active Directory, the Event Monitor would monitor all of these types of events, oftentimes burdening the Event Monitor and slowing down the product's ability to monitor and respond to relevant network storage events.

As a means of avoiding the monitoring of non-applicable network events, the Event Monitor no longer monitors the following Active Directory containers:

  • Builtin

  • Foreign Security Principals

  • Managed Service Accounts

  • Program Data

  • System

Additionally, File Dynamics lets you specify the Active Directory containers or subcontainers that will be included or excluded for monitoring. When you specify the containers and subcontainers to be monitored, you set the Event Monitor scope.

NOTE:For a complete discussion of the Scope feature, including Include and Exclude behaviors, see Section G.0, Event Monitor Scope.