5.1 How Reports Are Generated

To generate a report, the NFR Engine takes all of the scans that are applicable to the specifications of the report and consolidates them by indexing the applicable scans into a single report.

With terabytes of information being examined and reported on, the size of a decompressed report can be in the gigabytes. For this reason, when you want to view a report, or more likely, very specific information through a filtered report, NovellĀ® File Reporter decompresses only the information you want to see from the report for viewing on a computer workstation monitor.

Figure 5-1 Compression and decompression with Novell File Reporter

To best demonstrate the capabilities of Novell File Reporter, this section presents the following sections in the order outlined below:

  1. Report types

  2. Filtering

  3. Creating single storage resource reports manually

  4. Creating multiple storage resource reports manually

  5. Scheduling reports so that they are generated automatically

  6. Triggered reports

  7. Live File Listings

  8. The Policy Path Reporter