5.5 Saving Reports

The Save Reports menu provides options for saving specific information from a report in either HTML or CSV format.

IMPORTANT:Supported browsers for viewing HTML reports include any of the following versions or later: Internet Explorer* 8.x, Firefox* 3.0, Google* Chrome* 1.x, Safari* 3.1, or Opera* 8.0.

The options for each format are Main, Detail, and All. Depending on what report is generated, or if the Detail tab was selected before generating the report, the Detail options might be dimmed.

A summary of each Save Reports option is below:

Table 5-2 Save Reports options

Save Reports Option



Saves information displayed in the upper pane of the report; in other words, it saves the overview of the main categories, but not detailed information.

Selected Item

Saves the detailed information in the lower pane of the report as it pertains to a selected item in the upper portion of the report. For example, if you generate a File Extension Report and then select the .doc category in the report, an exported Detail Report includes the detailed information in the lower pane specific to the .doc files.


Saves all of the detailed information in the upper pane of the report. Consequently, this report is potentially much larger than the other two exported reports. Be sure that the File Limit setting is large enough for your report. For more information, see Section 5.6, Adjusting the File Limit Setting for Reports.

This option is not available for Comparison Reports because an administrator uses that report to see only the changes between two scans, and not all the files.

NOTE:When you save a report, Novell File Reporter offers a default name based on the report type and the date and time that the report was generated. The suggested filename can be changed to your preference.