5.13 Viewing Live File Listings

View Live File Listing provides you a real-time view of information pertaining to the contents of a selected volume, folder, or subfolder. View Live File Listing lists filenames, sizes, the date a file was created, the date a file was last accessed, and the date a file was last modified. It does not allow you to open any of the listed files.

In many cases, you can use View File Listing instead of generating a report. In other cases, you can use it following a report, to confirm that a directive has taken place. For example, if a report indicates that user AJONES has 50 GB of .MP3 files stored in his home folder and you requested that AJONES remove those files, you can use View Live File Listings to verify that these files have been removed.

  1. Launch NFRAdmin.

  2. In the Scans region, browse down to the level of the file system that you want to include in the file listing.

  3. Right-click the volume, folder, or subfolder and select View Live File Listing.

    A new file browser appears with the contents of the selected volume, folder, or subfolder listed in the right pane.

    While you are in the file browser, you can browse to a new file path to view the contents of other folders and subfolders.