2.2 Directory Service Managed Networks

For network authentication and authorization, Novell File Reporter can utilize the network’s eDirectory and Active Directory deployment for Novell and Microsoft networks. A Novell File Reporter Directory Service Interface (DSI) specific to eDirectory or Active Directory interacts with the directory to verify that users are authorized to perform tasks within Novell File Reporter. For example, if a user wants to generate a report on a particular network volume, the DSI verifies with the directory that the user has access rights to the volume.

With Novell File Reporter leveraging the directory, all volumes and shares that make up the directory are discovered. This makes it easier to identify the servers where these volumes or shares reside and then install an NFR Agent for monitoring and reporting on them.

The DSI is installed separately from the NFR Engine installation. Generally, the DSI is installed on a server in the eDirectory tree or on a server that is a member of an Active Directory domain.

Table 2-1 Supported data sources for directory service managed networks

Microsoft Active Directory Data Sources

Windows Server* 2003Windows Server 2008

DAS devices, external storage devices operating in either SAN or NAS mode (see Section 8.0, Configuring Proxy Agents for NAS Devices for information on supported NAS devices)

Novell eDirectory Data Sources

NetWare® running with NSS volumesOpen Enterprise Server with NSS volumesOpen Enterprise Server with NCP™ volumes

DAS devices, external storage devices operating in SAN mode