2.4 Non-Directory Service Managed Networks

For environments that do not have a network-wide directory service implementation, which might be a Windows network not being managed through Active Directory or a network comprised of SUSEĀ® Linux Enterprise Servers, the DSI (Directory Services Interface) can be configured for manual interaction with a Windows Server running Active Directory or a Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 running eDirectory. One of these servers running its directory service is needed for license management and authentication.

Manual DSI integration for authentication does not offer the robust capabilities for automatic discovery and event-driven management that are in eDirectory or Active Directory, but does provide directory service-based security.

Table 2-3 Supported data sources for non-directory service managed networks

Data Sources

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with the ext3 file systemSUSE Linux Enterprise Server with the Reiser file system

External storage devices operating in SAN mode

Windows servers that are not part of Active Directory

IMPORTANT:A deployment of Novell File Reporter in a non-directory service managed environment cannot be easily upgraded to a directory service managed environment or a directory service managed environment with Novell Storage Manager. Upgrading to either of these two environments involves the complete redeployment of Novell File Reporter. If your environment supports a directory service or a directory service with Novell Storage Manager, we highly recommend that you install Novell File Reporter using one of those deployment options.

Furthermore, if your network is comprised of servers running different network operating systems, you might want to consider segmenting your Novell File Reporter deployment. For example, if you have a Novell network with some servers running Open Enterprise Server and others running NetWare and Novell eDirectory for managing the security, authentication and authorization, and you also have some SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers that are not part of the eDirectory management infrastructure, you could segment your deployment into two environments. The first would be the eDirectory-managed servers that use eDirectory for authentication and authorization with Novell File Reporter. The second would be the SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers that use the manually configured DSI only for license management and user authentication.

In this example, each environment requires a separate NFR Engine. However, each segment could be managed by the same workstation running NFRAdmin.

Figure 2-1 Novell File Reporter components