Novell File Reporter 2.0.1

May 2, 2013

1.0 New in Version 2.0.1

Novell File Reporter 2.0.1 includes the following new features:

1.1 Advanced Filtering

You can now use advanced filtering capabilities for all File Data reports. The new Filters tab in the Report Definitions Editor allows you to specify one or more Boolean search conditions, or you can specify date-based search conditions.

1.2 Microsoft DFS Namespace Support

Novell File Reporter now presents DFS (Distributed File System) namespaces as available storage resources that can be reported on.

1.3 Directory Quota Scanning for Windows Shares from NFR Agents

NFR Agents can now scan Windows shares for directory quotas.

2.0 Bug Fixes

2.1 Web Application

  • When creating new report definitions, invalid create_time values caused unhandled exceptions when you viewed the report definitions page in certain cases. The exceptions were resolved.

  • Added a configuration option for setting Web session timeout.

2.2 NFR Agent

  • Invalid nested set values for some entries caused reports to include paths outside of selected target paths in certain cases. This issue is resolved by scanning with the new agents.

2.3 Reporting

  • Duplicate paths could appear in Detail reports where Novell Storage Manager policy paths overlap each other or with selected target paths.

  • Novell Storage Manager policy target paths were not properly cleaned up when Novell Storage Manager policies were removed from a report definition.

  • Corrected an error preventing the cleanup of expired Stored reports.

3.0 Known Issues

  • Windows DFS Standalone mode is currently unsupported.

  • During a Directory Quota operation, an attempt to stop the NFR Agent might appear to be unresponsive.

  • Detail links in saved PDF Summary reports do not work.

  • Permissions by Identity reports for Active Directory do not properly reflect the Everyone group.

  • The Stored Reports Folder configuration allows you to specify a UNC path. However, only local paths are supported. If you specify a path that is not local, the stored report is not saved.

  • The NFR Engine service might fail to restart if the database is unavailable after restart. If this happens, you must start the NFR Engine service manually.