3.5 Web Browser Access—Default Settings

Path: Port 8443 Filr Admin Console System > Web Application

Table 3-5 Using the Configure Web Application dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

  • Allow Guest access

  • By default, Guest (anonymous) access to Filr is not enabled.

  • Selecting this enables anonymous access to Filr through the built-in Guest user account.

    For more information about the Guest and other users, see Types of Filr Users in Filr 3.4: Understanding How Filr Works.


    • Guest access is for web users only.

      Mobile app and desktop users cannot log in as Guest.

    • Using NetIQ Access Manager to provide single sign-on access as described in the installation guide, prevents Guest user access.

  • Guest access is read only

  • This is selected by default to prevent Guests from commenting on files or adding files to publicly available folders.

  • Disable file downloads

  • This is selected by default to prevent all file downloads through web browsers.

    Individual user or group settings to allow downloads have no effect unless this is deselected.

  • Disable web access

  • This is selected by default to prevent all users from accessing Filr through a Web browser, unless access is allowed on an individual user or group basis.

OK button

  • Click this to save your changes.

    Current user sessions are not affected. To see changes, users must log in to a new session.

Cancel button

  • Click this to cancel the changes you have made.