16.0 Product Improvement

The first time you log in to Filr, after changing the admin user’s password, a dialog displays that explains that the purpose of the Filr data collection system is to help improve the Filr product.

The data collection process runs for the first time when a Filr appliance has been running for 24 hours. Thereafter, it runs weekly.

For additional information, see Helping Micro Focus Improve Filr in the Filr 3.4: Maintenance Best Practices Guide.

IMPORTANT:Micro Focus collects nothing that identifies your organization, your data, or your users.

Path: Port 8443 Filr Admin Console Management > Product Improvement

Table 16-1 Using the Product Improvement dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

  • Collect and send the product name and version, and the number of LDAP users.

  • This option causes the Filr system to send Micro Focus information about the product version and build, license type, and number of users.

  • Also collect and send information about the deployment size and configuration, the number of files and folders, and so on.

  • This option causes the Filr system to send additional information about the installation, most of which is self-explanatory.

    • The user information doesn’t include the LDAP user count because that is already available under the Tier1.

    • The user count numbers do not include system user accounts, such as admin, _filesyncagent, and so on.

    • The group count numbers do not include system groups, such as allusers, allextusers, and so on.

    • workspaceCount does not include system workspaces, such as the /Home workspace and so on.

    • The numbers in fileCounts and folderCounts in the netFolder section correspond to each other by position.

    • The mobile device type is derived from the value of the description field associated with the device information captured in the system. Any descriptions that don’t match one of the pre-defined keywords are included as other.

  • View the information collected.

  • After the system has been running 24 hours, this link displays so that you can download and review the .json file created by the collection process. This is the file that is sent to Micro Focus via FTP.