7.6 Managing Audit Trail Logs of Database Activity

Path: Port 8443 Filr Admin Console Management > Database Logs

Table 7-6 Using the Manage Database Logs dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

  • Automatically Delete Audit Trail Entries Older Than X Days

  • This defines the maximum number of days to keep audit trail log entries before they are deleted.

    The default is 183 days (6 months).

    The allowed minimum is 30 days, which would prune logs after 30 days.

    Specifying a value 0 means that the audit logs are never pruned.

    IMPORTANT:Before changing this, consider the following:

    • Audit trail entries are used to build the Activity and Login reports. Removing older entries limits the time span that these reports can cover. (For more information about these reports, see Generating Filr-Monitoring Reports.)

    • The Filr desktop application relies on audit trail data when doing full synchronizations.