13.2 Enabling Notifications

Path: Port 8443 Filr Admin Console > System > Email

By default, Filr users can have the Filr system send email notifications when they create folders, add files, share files and folders, and so on.

Best Practice: Plan for whether Filr will generate email notifications, how often they will be sent, and how large associated attachments can be and use the following worksheet when working in this dialog:

  • Worksheet 13 - Notifications

Table 13-2 Using the Email dialog

Field, Option, or Button


Email dialog


  • Enable Outgoing Email

  • Use this option to control whether the Filr system generates email notifications.

    If you de-select this option, no notifications are sent.

    This option has no effect on the ability for Filr users to email each other.

  • Default Digest Schedule

  • Outgoing Email Quotas

  • When users subscribe themselves or others to receive email notifications, there is an option to have the email include changed or new files as attachments.

    Use the options in this section to control the size of email attachments, as follows:

    • To preserve the default of no size restrictions, leave the fields blank.

    • To limit attachment sizes, specify the maximum amounts for either or both fields.

    • To prevent any attachments from being sent, specify 0 (zero) in each field.