7.3 Changing the Ganglia Monitoring Configuration

Ganglia is a scalable, distributed monitoring system that lets you gather important information about your Filr system.

Path: Port 9443 Appliance Console Ganglia Configuration icon

Table 7-3 Using the Ganglia Monitoring Configuration dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

Monitoring Services

Enable Full Monitoring Services

  • Deselect this if:

    • You already have a monitoring system that you plan to use for Filr.

    • You plan to configure a dedicated appliance for viewing monitoring information.

      You do this by selecting Unicast below and then specifying the DNS name or IP address of the appliance where monitoring information will be collected.

  • (Default) Select this to have this appliance receive and store metrics from other appliances, and to allow the Ganglia Web Interface to run on the same machine as the Filr appliance.

Monitoring Options

Enable Monitoring on this appliance

  • (Default) Select this option to enable Ganglia monitoring on this appliance.

  • Multicast

  • (Default) Send performance data to the other appliances on the network (default setting).

  • Unicast

  • Send monitoring information to a single destination.

    This is a best practice recommendation for performance.

  • Publish to:

  • The URL where you want Ganglia to send monitoring information when it is running in Unicast mode.

Monitoring Tool Options

  • Enable direct http port 9080 access

  • Select this to allow Ganglia to communicate using HTTP port 9080.

  • Reset Database button

  • Click this to remove all existing Ganglia metrics from this appliance.

    This option is not related to the Filr database.

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