26.6 UI Language

For more information about UI language settings in Filr, see Language Settings in the Filr 3.4: Maintenance Best Practices Guide.

Path: Port 9443 Appliance Console Configuration icon > Default Locale

Table 26-6 Using the Default Locale dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

  • Default Locale:

  • Use this option to reset the language that you selected during the Filr configuration process.

    The following points explain more about the Default Locale setting.

    • Micro Focus appliance installations run in English only.

    • When you install the Filr software, you can set the primary language, thereby establishing the UI language for text in locations where all Filr users see it, such as in the Workspace tree.

      Your choices are:

      • Chinese-Simplified

      • Chinese Traditional

      • Czech

      • Danish

      • Dutch

      • English

      • French

      • German

      • Hungarian

      • Italian

      • Japanese

      • Polish

      • Portuguese

      • Russian

      • Spanish

      • Swedish

    • The language that you select or change here also establishes the default interface language and locale for new user profiles that are imported through LDAP.

      The default language for non-LDAP and self-provisioned users is set in the Default User Settings dialog.