18.4 Memcached (Search Index Appliance Only)

Memcached is a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system used by a number of large Internet sites such as Wikipedia, Flickr, Twitter, and Youtube, as well as enterprise systems. Memcached is not designed for authentication and is protected only by firewalls and similar mechanisms.

IMPORTANT:To secure Memcached, it is strongly recommended to deploy the Search appliance behind the firewall.

For more information, see Securing Memcached.

18.4.1 Advantages for Using Memcached

Memcached offers the following advantages over other caching systems:

  • Better utilization of memory resources from the server farm.No replication (and therefore no overhead involved in replication). This results in a reduction of 60 or more threads per node in a two-node cluster.The number of servers and the size of data scale together.

  • Scales out much better than replication-based cluster cache.

18.4.2 Managing Memcached

Path: Port 9443 Appliance Console Memcached icon

Table 18-4 Managing Memcached

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

  • Listen Interface:

  • The URL that Memcached listens on.

  • Number of Threads:

  • The number of threads to use when processing incoming requests.

  • Max Memory:

  • Max memory that can be used by Memcached.

  • Max Simultaneous Connections:

  • Specify the number of network connections that can be handled by memcached simultaneously.