10.1 Managing Net Folders

Path: Port 8443 Filr Admin Console Management > Net Folders

Table 10-1 Using the Manage Net Folders dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

  • Add button

  • Delete button

  • Select a Net Folder in the list, then click this and confirm that you want to remove the Net Folder from Filr.

    Filr users no longer have access to the Net Folder.

    No data is affected on the back-end file server.

  • Sync button

  • Click this to start a manual synchronization of the Net Folder.

  • Stop sync button

  • Click this to stop a synchronization operation that is in progress.

  • Filter List field

  • To filter the list of Net Folders, specify the name of a Net Folder in this field.

  • Arrow drop-down

  • To display User Home Directories in the list, click this and select Show Home Directories.

  • Name

  • This column lists all of the standard Net Folders associated with the Filr appliance.

  • Sync status icon

  • The icon indicates the current synchronization status.

  • Click the icon to view more information about the current synchronization status.

  • Server Name

  • The name of the Net Folder Server to which this Net Folder belongs.

  • Relative Path

  • The directory path to this Net Folder from its parent Net Folder Server.