11.1 Enabling and Tuning Net Folder Synchronization

Use the following dialog to allow the full synchronization of Net Folders to happen.

Path: Port 9443 Appliance Console Filr Appliance Tools> Configuration icon > Net Folders

Best Practice: Plan file and folder synchronization in advance and use the following worksheets when working in this dialog:

  • Worksheet 18 - Net Folder Synchronization

Table 11-1 Using the Net Folders (synchronization) dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

Net Folders dialog

Worksheet 18 - Net Folder Synchronization

  • Allow Synchronization

  • Select this option to allow manual and scheduled full synchronizations of Net Folders on the appliance.

    IMPORTANT:This setting must be selected for at least one Filr appliance in a Filr cluster. If it is not, no manual or scheduled full synchronizations can happen.

  • Max Simultaneous Syncs:

  • The number of Net Folders that can be synchronized simultaneously during a manual or scheduled full synchronization.

    The default is 5.

  • Threads Per Sync:

  • The number of threads that each synchronization can use.

    The default is 4.

  • For optimal performance, modify this value to be equal to the number of CPUs on the appliance, multiplied by 1.5.

    For example, if your appliance has 2 CPUs, change this value to 3.

  • The max value that you can set is the number of CPUs on the appliance multiplied by 3.

    For example, if your appliance has 2 CPUs, the max value is 6.

OK button

  • Click this to save your changes. Then click Reconfigure Filr Server so that the changes are used by Filr.

Cancel button

  • Click this to cancel the changes you have made.