9.2 Enabling Just-in-Time-Synchronization for Filr and eDirectory Rights Usage for OES and NetWare

Path: Port 8443 Filr Admin Console Management > Net Folder Settings

Best Practice: Plan for Just-in-Time Synchronization (JITS) in advance and use the following worksheet when working in this dialog:

  • Worksheet 16 - Net Folder Global Settings

Table 9-3 Using the Net Folder Settings dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

Net Folder Global Settings

  • Enable Just-in-Time synchronization of Net Folders

  • Maximum wait time for results X Seconds

  • This sets the default value for how long the JITS process retrieves file and folder metadata within a folder before returning the results to the user. If all Metadata for the folder was not retrieved, retrieval continues in the background.

    The default is 5 seconds.

  • Use directory rights in addition to file system rights

  • This is enabled by default and causes Filr to check eDirectory for user and group trustee information when accessing Net Folders.

    For example, users and groups who have Supervisor rights on the NCP server object have implicit rights on the volume in eDirectory and are therefore trustees from an NCP perspective.

  • If you are certain that no users inherit needed rights from eDirectory, you can consider disabling this. However, if you miss something, disabling this option might affect users’ ability to access certain files and folders.

  • Checking eDirectory rights is a resource intensive task, hence Filr only checks for these rights in the below scenarios:

    • When a Filr server is restarted., or

    • They take effect on a Net Folder Server, the next time the Net Folder Server is reconfigured.

  • Refresh cached rights information every X Minutes

  • This is the frequency that the Filr server checks the rights information from the OES file system.

  • The default is every 5 minutes.

  • Rights information is available in Filr only after one of the following occurs since the last successful cache refresh:

    • Just-in-Time synchronization on the folder.

    • A scheduled or manual Full synchronization happens on the Net Folder or Net Folder Server.

  • This option applies only to OES back-end servers.

    • NetWare servers refresh every 60 minutes.

    • Windows and SharePoint servers refresh only when Net Folder and Net Folder Server synchronizations occur.