14.1 Changing Configuration Settings for Requests and Connections

Configure the number of client requests and database connections that Filr supports.

Path: Port 9443 Appliance Console Configuration > Requests and Connections

Table 14-1 Using the Requests and Connections dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

Requests and Connections

  • Max Threads: The maximum number of simultaneous client request threads that Filr will support.

    Default: 250

  • Max Active: The maximum number of database connections that can be allocated simultaneously from this pool.

    Default: 300

  • Max Idle: The maximum number of database connections that can be simultaneously idle in this pool.

    Default: 300

  • Scheduler Threads: The size of the thread pool used for background execution of scheduled tasks.

    Default: 20

  • Max REST Requests (upload/download): The maximum number of concurrent desktop and mobile, upload and download requests that Filr will handle simultaneously.

    Default: 50

    Ensures that Filr does not exceed capacity.

    Excess requests are cached so that Filr can respond when it has bandwidth.

OK button

  • After clicking this, you must click Reconfigure Filr Server for the changes to take effect.

HINT:Extremely large Filr sites requesting numerous client requests and database connections might see improved performance by increasing these settings.