18.2 Managing the Lucene Index

The Lucene index provides access to all data in your Micro Focus Filr site, including objects, such as users, groups, files and folders, and file contents where content indexing is enabled.

For more information, see Filr Search Appliance—Accessibility, and Searchability in Filr 3.4: Understanding How Filr Works

Path: Port 8443 Filr Admin Console Search Index > Index

Table 18-2 Using the Search Index page

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

Manage Search Index tab

Use the options under this tab if users report that they can’t find information or people that they know should be available in Filr. Chances are good that the index has become damaged or out-of-date for some reason.

This is not a good option to correct slow performance. Re-indexing takes much longer and requires more resources than optimization (available in the Optimize Search Index tab).

For more information, see Rebuilding the Lucene Index in the Filr 3.4: Maintenance Best Practices Guide.

  • Re-Index Everything

  • Use this option to rebuild all of the indexes for your entire site.

  • Keep in mind that no one will be able to access any of the files, folders, users, groups, etc. until a corresponding synchronization process has taken place and the metadata index for the items is re-created.

  • Depending on the size of your Filr site, this can be a very time-consuming process.

  • Select the Places to Be Re-Indexed:

  • If you know that there are problems with specific portion sof the site, you can choose to reindex only those portions.

  • Select the Nodes to Apply Re-Indexing to:

  • You can choose which of the appliances to apply the reindexing to.

  • Micro Focus recommends setting one of the nodes to write-only and reindexing only the other node. (See Managing Search Nodes.)

Optimize Search Index tab

Use the options under this tab if you notice that search performance in Micro Focus Filr is becoming slower over time.

As a rule of thumb, you should run the optimization once a week during off hours or on weekends when the Filr system is not being heavily used.

IMPORTANT:For optimization to run, there must be at least 51% free disk space on the Lucene search index appliance.

Optimizing the Lucene index does not repair a damaged or out-of-date index. You must use the Manage Search Index tab in those cases.

  • Optimizing the Search Index

    • Run Immediately

    • Run at Scheduled Time

  • You can either choose to run the optimization immediately, or schedule it during off hours or on weekends as the options indicate.

  • Select the Nodes to Apply Optimization to:

  • You can choose which of the appliances to apply the optimization to.