19.5 User Visibility

By default, each Filr user can see all other Filr users on the Filr site.

In a large organization it can be daunting for users to sort through a long list of people they don’t work with to find those in their groups or on their teams.

Filr lets you restrict the users that appear in sharing dialogs and so on, to only those within groups to which a user belongs.

For a detailed explanation of Filr’s User Visibility feature, see Key Points About User Visibility in Filr in Filr 3.4: Understanding How Filr Works.

Path: Port 8443 Filr Admin Console: Management > Limit User Visibility

Table 19-4 Using the Limit User Visibility dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

  • Add Limitation

  • Click this, begin typing, select a listed user or group to limit them to seeing only other members of the groups they belong to.

  • Add Override

  • Click this, begin typing, select a listed user or group to enable them to see everyone.

  • Remove Visibility Settings

  • Select a user or group and click this to remove them from the list.

  • Filter List

  • Type a string within the user or group names to filter the displayed list to only those containing the string.

  • Gear icon

  • Select this to change the column sizes.

  • Limited Visibility On

  • Select the box next to the option to activate the visibility limitations for all listed users and groups.


  • Select the users and groups you want to be affected by their limitations.