3.2 Administrative Maintenance—Port 8443 Admins

3.2.1 About Port 8443 Administrators

There are two types of Port 8443 Administrators

  • Built in: Have full rights to the Port 8443 console, including the right to add or remove Direct administrators.

  • Direct: Have rights to administer only

    • Users

    • Groups

    • Mobile Devices

    • Net Folders

    • Net Folder Servers

3.2.2 Modifying Port 8443 Administrators

The modifications you can make depend on the type of user, as follows:

  • Built in admin: You can change this username and password by logging in as the user, clicking the Username(upper right), selecting View Profile, clicking Edit, and making the changes.

    Changing this affects

    • The name you enter to log in as the built-in administrator

    • The name that appears in the upper-right corner of the Port 8443 console

    • The name that appears in the administration console under Administrators

  • LDAP users (Direct administrators): User names and passwords are controlled in the LDAP source.

  • Internal Filr users: User names cannot be changed; passwords can.

    Administrators click the user in the Users list, click the Profile button, and enter a new password.

    Internal users edit their profile to change their passwords.