18.24 Sharing and Security

  • Sharing is turned off by default.

  • Sharing controls must be configured for files in the My Files area (includes users’ personal storage and Home directories) and for Net Folders.

    • Sharing for files in the My Files area can be configured on a global level for all users or for individual users or groups.

    • Even if sharing is turned on for a given user or group, it must also be turned on at every Net Folder and for each user for files in their Home folder.

  • My Files vs. Net Folders

    • My Files: Filr expects that you want users to be able to share their own files and folders.

      After sharing is enabled at the global level, users can share files and folders in their My Files area by default (includes users’ personal storage and Home directories).

    • Net Folders: Filr expects that you do not want users sharing files in Net Folders unless they are specifically authorized to do so.

      Sharing is enabled at the global level for Net Folders. However, users cannot share the files in any Net Folder until you specifically turn sharing on for them at the Net Folder level (either individually or as part of a group).

      Folders within Net Folders cannot be shared.

  • Sharing privileges are granular:

    • Share Internal: Users can share only with internal users (provisioned and administrator-created local users).

    • Share External: Users can share with external users. These are users that have been invited via an email notification to provision themselves as users in Filr based on their email address identity.

    • Share public: Users can share with the public. No authentication is required. The URL that is shared in public sharing can be forwarded, posted, emailed, tweeted, blogged, and disseminated in any way. Anyone who has that URL can access the shared information.