18.16 Filr’s Rights Model

  • Filr supports the following file systems:

    • Microsoft NTFS

    • Micro Focus NSS

  • Filr supports the following native file access protocols:

    • Microsoft SMB/CIFS

    • Micro Focus NCP

  • Many more storage subsystems and protocols are planned to be supported in future Filr releases.

  • Instead of mapping the intricate and sophisticated rights models from each of the possibly many storage systems, Filr adopted a simplified rights model that maps to the rights models of many storage systems.

    The four roles in Filr:

    • None: No rights

    • Viewer: READ and VISIBILITY rights

    • Editor: READ, WRITE and VISIBILITY rights (WRITE includes modifying the contents of a file)


      IMPORTANT:Folders only, not Files.

      Also, the rights apply only to folder contents, not to the folder itself.

  • Filr attempts to mimic the visibility features of each file system.

    For example, if a user Tom has rights to a file in some sub-folders, Filr will ensure that Tom has VISIBILITY rights to all parent folders up to the top level of the Net Folder or My Files container.