13.4 Monitoring the Indexing Process

  1. On the Filr appliance (or on any appliance in a Filr cluster), append the following line to the /opt/novell/filr/apache-tomcat/webapps/ssf/WEB-INF/log4j.properties file:


  2. Restart the filr process with rcfilr restart.

  3. After re-indexing has started, watch the ssf.log file for the following statement:

    2013-06- INFO  [http-bio-8080-exec-1] [org.kablink.teaming.module.binder.impl.BinderModuleImpl] - indexTree took 1480.470827 ms
  4. Check the results using grep indexTree /var/opt/novell/apache-tomcat/logs/ssf.log.

    Look for the key words "indexTree took" as shown above.

    This shows that the re-indexing previously triggered has now completed.

    Please note that the indexing recommendations made elsewhere in this guide still apply, and a pair of Filr Search appliances should be deployed as part of your system. Start both Filr Search appliances as read/write and make them available to Filr Clients. Change one of the appliances to be indexed to Write and use that server for the re-index process.

    This forces all the Filr clients to use the other indexing server.

    After the re-indexing process is complete, as indicated by the log file discussed earlier, the appliance can be changed back to Read/Write. Any deferred updates should be applied, and the second server can then be re-indexed by using the same process.