11.3 Connecting to the MySQL Database Server

  1. On the Microsoft SQL server, launch the Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL.

  2. Create a new project by clicking File > New Project.

    The New Project dialog box is displayed.

  3. Accept the defaults for the project by clicking OK.

  4. Click Connect to MySql.

    The Connect to MySql dialog box is displayed.

  5. In the Provider drop-down list, select the MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode Driver (v5.3.x).

    This option must be selected because the Filr database uses a Unicode character set.

  6. In the Server name field, specify the IP address of the MySQL database appliance that you are migrating from.

  7. Specify the user name and password for the MySQL database, then click Connect.

    A connection to the MySQL server is established.

  8. Continue with Connecting to the Microsoft SQL Server.