8.3 Configuring Filr for KeyShield SSO Support

  1. Open a new tab or a new browser session to access Filr on port 8443:


    For example https:

    Having a new session will let you easily switch between the KeyShield administration console and the Filr Administration console.

  2. In the new browser session, log in to Filr as an administrator.

  3. Click the admin link in the upper-right corner of the page, then click the Administration Console icon .

  4. In the left frame, click KeyShield SSO.

  5. In the KeyShield SSO Configuration dialog, click Enable KeyShield SSO.

  6. In the KeyShield Server URL field, type the access URL for the KeyShield server:


  7. Switch to the KeyShield browser-based console, toggle open the API Key, then select and copy the key to your clipboard.

  8. Switch to the Filr Administration panel and paste the API Key into the API Authorization field.

  9. The HTTP Connection Timeout controls how long the Filr Appliance will wait for a response from the KeyShield server before prompting users for their login credentials.

    Micro Focus doesn’t recommend changing this value unless the connection between the Filr Appliance and the KeyShield SSO server doesn’t facilitate a quick response. For example the appliance and server are connected over a WAN.

  10. In the Connector Names field, type the names of each KeyShield SSO connector that Filr users will connect through.

  11. Continue with the next section, KeyShield Attribute Alias Support.