H.2 Oracle Outside In Technology

Oracle shall inform you of any notices and other instructions that are related to third party components (including open source software) that are included in a program and/or hardware and that Oracle is required to distribute with such programs and/or hardware. These notices and other instructions shall be provided to you in at least one of the following ways, at Oracle’s sole discretion: (a) automatically installed with the programs or in the installation details; (b) in the program documentation; (c) in the readme files or notice files; or (d) via a supplemental list. You shall comply with all instructions related to third party software components (including open source software). If you reproduce the programs, operating system and/or integrated software, you shall reproduce all third party notices in an appropriate location in the reproduction and/or in its related documentation and include any associated source code (to the extent such source code is provided by Oracle), as required by the applicable notices or as otherwise directed by Oracle.

PDF documents with complete information about the use of Oracle technology in Filr are located in the following directory on the Filr server: