8.5 Dedicating a Filr Appliance to Indexing and Net Folder Synchronization

As a best practice, Micro Focus recommends dedicating one Filr appliance to Indexing and Net Folder Synchronization, which are very resource-intensive tasks.

Do the following:

  • Allow Net Folder Synchronization on only the dedicated appliance: Disable Net Folder Synchronization on all other Filr appliances as follows:

    1. Access the Port 9443 administration console.

    2. Click Net Folders.

    3. De-select Allow Synchronization.

    4. Repeat on all other Filr appliances except the one you are dedicating to Net Folder Synchronization.

      Now when a Full synchronization occurs (either as a result of a scheduled or manual synchronization), the Filr appliance that you set aside is the one that handles the load.

    NOTE:Just-in-time synchronization (JITS) is unaffected and takes place on whichever Filr appliance receives the user request that triggers JITS.

  • Use Load Balancing to isolate the dedicated appliance from user requests: When you set up load balancing, don’t include the dedicated Filr appliance in the round-robin rotation.

  • Rebuild the search index using the dedicated appliance: Follow the steps in the next section.

    Thereafter, the dedicated appliance will handle all of the re-indexing workload.