B.0 All-in-One (Small) Deployment—Creating

To create an all-in-one deployment, you install one Filr appliance. By default Filr also includes the MySQL database and Filrsearch functions.

Ensuring All-in-One Suitability

With few exceptions, small deployments are only suitable for proof-of-concept deployments, which, by definition, do not require extensive planning.

For a production deployment, you should use the Filr 3.4 Planning Your Filr Deployment—Best Practices guide and associated planning worksheets to gauge whether a small deployment could meet your organization’s production needs.

The Micro Focus best practice recommendation is always an expandable deployment, which is the focus of this guide.

All-in-One System Requirements

Most of the requirements in Section 3.0, System Requirements apply to small deployments.

However, minimum RAM and CPU recommendations are increased to handle the database and search functions running in addition to Filr.

  • 12 GB of RAM (16 GB is recommended)

  • 4 CPUs.

80% of the RAM should be dedicated to the Java heap.

For information about adjusting the Java heap settings, see Changing JVM Configuration Settings in the Filr 3.4.1: Administrative UI Reference.

All-in-One Deployment

To deploy an all-in-one Filr appliance, complete the instructions in the following sections:

Table B-1


Additional Information

Section 5.0, Downloading and Preparing the Filr Software

You only need to download the Filr software for your virtualization platform.

Section 6.0, Deploying the Virtual Machines

Follow the instructions in the section for your virtualization platform.

Section 7.0, Starting and Configuring the Appliances

Follow the instructions in the referenced section, then continue with

Setting Up an All-in-One (small) Filr Appliance

Table B-2 Logging in and Setting Up a Small Filr Appliance

Page, Dialog, or Option

Do This


  1. Open a management browser on your administrative workstation and access the Port 9443 Administration Utility on the Filr appliance using the following URL:


    Where IP_Address is the IP address of the Filr appliance.

Filr Appliance Sign In

  1. Log in as the vaadmin user with the password that you set for the appliance in Vaadmin password and confirmation:.

Filr Appliance Tools

  1. Click the Configuration icon to launch the Filr Configuration Wizard.

Filr Configuration Wizard

  1. Click Next.


  1. Type and confirm a password for the filr user in the MySQL database.

Default Locale

  1. Select your Locale from the dropdown list.

  2. Change the Administrator User ID if you want to.

    The User ID that you enter is also the password for the initial login for the Port 8443 administration console.

  3. Click Finish.

  4. Do not close or exit the browser page until the warning message disappears.