11.2 Updating a Large Filr Deployment

IMPORTANT:Before you apply this update on any appliance, you must stop the Filr service on all the Filr appliances in order to avoid interruptions to the service when it is restarted.

Perform the following steps on every Filr appliance in the cluster:

  1. Ensure that the version of the Filr appliance is 3.0 or later.

  2. Log in to the Filr Appliance Configuration Console (https://appliance_ip_or_dns:9443) as vaadmin.

  3. Click Online Update.

  4. In the Patches drop-down option, select Needed Patches and ensure that the Filr 3.4 patch update is listed.

  5. Click Update Now.

  6. In the Update Now dialog, do the following:

    1. In the Apply drop-down option, select All Needed Patches.

    2. Select both the Automatically agree with all license agreements and the Automatically install all interactive patches options.

      IMPORTANT:The Filr 3.4 update is an interactive update and requires you to select both the options before you run the update. If you do not select these options, the upgrade process fails. However, the progress bar incorrectly displays that the upgrade is in progress.

  7. Click OK.

    A progress bar displays the status of the update. After the update completes, select the Installed Patches option in the drop-down and verify that the Filr 3.4 patch is listed there.