4.1 Logging into the Filr Server From a Microsoft Outlook Application

  1. Ensure that the Filr Plugin is installed on your workstation. See Downloading and Installing the Filr Plugin for Office and Outlook

  2. Launch Microsoft Outlook.

  3. Click the Micro Focus Filr tab and then click Filr settings iconSettings in the Filr Plug-in group.

    NOTE:If the Filr Plug-in group is not visible in Microsoft Outlook even after you have installed the FilrOutlook Plugin, Outlook might have automatically disabled the plug-in. To enable the plug-in, see the Microsoft website.

  4. On the Account tab, specify the following:

    • Username/Password: Specify your Filr username and password to log into the Filr server. Click Remember Password to remember your password for future logins.

    • Server URL: Specify the name and the port number of the Filr server that you want to connect to. For example: filr.mycompany.com:port_number.

      Only the HTTPs protocol is supported and is prefixed by default, so you must not specify the protocol in this URL.

  5. Click Login to log into the Filr server. The button toggles to Logout after you are successfully logged in to the Filr server.