14.1 How Filr Makes Files and Folders Visible to Users

Figure 14-1 Filr Processes Metadata to Make Files and Folders Visible to Filr Users



Filr directs and coordinates the processing of metadata for files and folders.

Filr retrieves and stores the metadata in the SQL appliance or server.

After metadata retrieval, Filr directs the Filr Search (Lucene) indexer to process it for viewing in the Filr apps.

My Files files and folders are automatically retrieved and processed.

Net Folder files and folders must by synchronized through one of the methods listed in the description for Letter E in Figure 13-2.

After the metadata is processed for users, files and so on, Filr users can see the objects in the Filr apps (Letter F).

Filr apps for desktops, mobile devices, and web access let Filr users interact with the files, folders, users, and groups that are made accessible through Filr.