20.43 ‑‑ldapipaddr

Specifies the LDAP server’s network address as either an IP address or a DNS hostname. You can specify multiple network addresses to provide failover capabilities for your LDAP servers. See Specifying Failover LDAP Servers.

Linux POA

Windows POA


  • ‑‑ldapipaddr network_address
  • /ldapipaddr-network_address


  • ‑‑ldapipaddr
  • ‑‑ldapipaddr server1 server2
  • /ldapipaddr-
  • /ldapipaddr-server1 server2

If you specify multiple LDAP servers, use a space between each address. When so configured, the POA tries to contact the first LDAP server in order to authenticate a user to GroupWise. If that LDAP server is down, the POA tries the next LDAP server in the list, and so on until it is able to authenticate.

See also --ldapServerFailoverList, ‑‑ldapport, ‑‑ldapuser, ‑‑ldappwd, ‑‑ldapuserauthmethod, ‑‑ldapdisablepwdchg, ‑‑ldapssl, ‑‑ldapsslkey, and ‑‑ldaptimeout.