16.6 Managing and Optimizing the Operation of SOAP Services

Beginning in GroupWise 18.4, when the POA starts up, it automatically spawns a standalone SOAP process, for which it then manages the stability and resource utilization.

The main POA communicates with this SOAP process to collect operation statistics and display them on the main POA HTTP console. The SOAP process logs information in log files named mmddsoa.xxx in directories with the same name.

When the POA shuts down, it notifies the SOAP process to shut down as well.

To keep the SOAP service running within the main POA and to not automatically spawn a separate SOAP process at startup, add the platform-appropriate switch to your POA startup file (see Using POA Startup Switches):

  • Linux: ‑‑noSpawnSoap

  • Windows: /noSpawnSoap