9.3 Converting a Secondary Domain to a Primary Domain

You can change which domain is primary if it becomes more convenient to administer the primary domain from a different location. However, you can only have one primary domain at a time. When you convert a secondary domain to primary, the old primary domain becomes a secondary domain.

This task requires direct file access to both domain databases. For that reason, it is not available in the GroupWise Administration Console, which provides direct file access to one domain database through the Admin Service for that domain. Instead, you use the GroupWise Administration Utility (GWAdminUtil) to perform the task.

  1. In the GroupWise Administration Console, prepare to perform the conversion:

    1. Ensure that the MTA is running in both domains.

    2. Ensure that there are no pending operations for the primary domain.

      See Pending Operations.

  2. On the secondary domain server, establish a direct connection to the primary domain server.

    On Linux, you can mount the file system. On Windows, you can map the drive.

  3. Use the following command to convert the secondary domain into the primary domain

    gwadminutil convert -d /path_to_secondary_domain -p /path_to_primary_domain
  4. Copy the following files from the certificates folder in the old primary domain to the certificates folder in the new primary domain:


    The location of the certificates folder varies by platform:

    • Linux:
    • Windows:
    • /opt/novell/groupwise/certificates
    • c:\Program Data\Novell\GroupWise\gwadmin\certificates\<GUID>
  5. In the GroupWise Administration Console, verify in the list of domains that the Primary Domain icon with the red underscore is now beside the new domain.