9.6 Releasing a Domain from Your GroupWise System

When you release a secondary domain from your GroupWise system, it creates a new GroupWise system. The released secondary domain becomes the new primary domain in its own single-domain system.

This task requires direct file access to both domain databases. For that reason, it is not available in the GroupWise Administration Console, which provides direct file access to one domain database through the Admin Service for that domain. Instead, you use the GroupWise Administration Utility (GWAdminUtil) to perform the task.

  1. On your local machine, provide folder access to both the primary domain database and the secondary domain database.

  2. Use the following command to release the domain:

    gwadminutil release -p /path_to_original_primary_domain 
                        -d /path_to_secondary_domain 
                        -n name_of_new_gw_system
  3. On the server where you performed the release, set up the GroupWise Super Admin user for the new GroupWise system:

    gwadminutil setadmin /path_to_new_primary_domain 
                         -a admin_user_name -p
  4. On the new primary domain server, set up the GroupWise certificate authority for the new GroupWise system:

    gwadminutil ca -d /path_to_new_primary_domain -g
  5. Wait for replication of the new GroupWise system information from the primary domain to the post office.

    On each post office server, you can use the following command to view the system name in the post office database:

    gwadminutil dbinfo /path_to_post_office
  6. On each post office server, install a new server certificate so that the local Admin Service can communicate with the primary domain Admin Service:

    gwadminutil certinst -db /path_to_post_office 
                         -ca ip_address_of_primary_domain_server:9710 
                                                 -a admin_user_name -p

For more information about the gwadmintuil command, see Using the GroupWise Administration Utility.

For more information about the GroupWise certificate authority, see Certificate Best Practices.