16.1 Configuring the POA Console

The web-based POA console is set up automatically when you create a new post office. You can optionally protect the POA console with a user name and password, or use an SSL connection between your web browser and the POA.

  1. In the GroupWise Administration Console, browse to and click the POA.

  2. Click the Agent Settings tab, and then scroll down to the HTTP section.

  3. (Conditional) If you want to use an SSL connection for the POA console, which provides optimum security, select Enabled or Required in the HTTP SSL drop-down list.

    • Enabled: If the POA is configured with a valid SSL certificate, the POA console uses SSL. If a valid SSL certificate is not available, the POA still provides the POA console, but without a secure SSL connection.

    • Required: The POA does not support the POA console unless a valid SSL certificate has been provided.

    For additional instructions about using SSL connections, see Configuring Server Certificates and TLS.

  4. If you want to limit access to the POA console, fill in the HTTP User Name and HTTP Password fields.

    Unless you are using SSL, do not use a user name that is synchronized from an LDAP directory (such as NetIQ eDirectory or Microsoft Active Directory). This is because the information passes over the non-secure connection between your web browser and the agent. If you are using SSL, the user name is encrypted and therefore secure.

  5. Click Save, and then click Close to return to the main Administration Console window.

  6. Continue with Accessing the POA Console.

Corresponding Startup Switches: You can also use the ‑‑httpport, ‑‑httpuser, ‑‑httppassword, and ‑‑httpssl startup switches in the POA startup file to enable and secure the POA console. In addition, you can use the ‑‑httprefresh switch to control how often the POA refreshes the information provided to your web browser.