5.2 Controlling Object Visibility

An object’s visibility determines which post offices the object’s information is distributed to. A post office’s users can only see an object’s information in the GroupWise Address Book if the object’s information has been distributed to its post office.

Visibility applies to the following objects:

  • User

  • Resource

  • Group

  • Nickname

IMPORTANT:Unlike the other objects listed above, nicknames that have been distributed to a post office do not actually appear in the post office’s Address Book. Users must type the nickname’s address in the message rather than select it from the Address Book.

To set an object’s visibility:

  1. In the GroupWise Administration Console, browse to and click the name of the object, and then click the General tab or the Account tab where the Visibility tab is located.

    User Account tab where the Visibility field is located
  2. Set the visibility as needed:

    • System: The object is visible in every post office Address Book throughout the system; if external system synchronization is turned on, it is also available for distribution to other GroupWise systems. This is the default for users, external users, resources, external resources, and nicknames.

    • Domain: The object is visible only in the Address Book of the post offices located in the object’s domain.

    • Post Office: The object is visible only in the Address Book of the object’s post office. This is the default for groups.

    • None: The object is not visible in the Address Book of any post offices.

  3. Click Save, and then click Close to return to the main Administration Console window.