57.4 Creating Advanced Authentication Chains

Chains are used to setup a login chain for your users. You add methods to the chains in the order you want your users to use them to login. Chains can have as many or few methods as you like. When users later register their user on the Advanced Authentication server, they register for the chains that you set up here.

  1. In the Advanced Authentication Administration Console, select Chains in the left Navigation.

  2. Configure the chains that you want your users to use. You can find more information about the chains in Creating a Chain in the Advanced Authentication Administration Guide.

    Make sure you specify the LDAP repository(ies) you created previously so the chain is tied to your repository(ies). You can have different chains for different LDAP repositories or all of your LDAP repositories can use the same chain(s).

  3. Continue with Configuring the GroupWise Endpoint in Advanced Authentication.