53.2 Creating GroupWise Accounts by Importing Users from an LDAP Directory

Users are imported into your GroupWise system one post office at a time. The post office must already exist. Users are imported based on the context of their User objects in the LDAP directory.

  1. In the GroupWise Administration Console, configure your GroupWise system to communicate with the LDAP directory.

    For instructions, see Setting Up an LDAP Directory.

  2. Click System > User Import.

  3. (Conditional) If you have multiple LDAP directories, select the one from which you want to import the GroupWise users.

  4. Select the post office into which you want to import the users.

  5. (Conditional) If the context of the User objects is under the Base DN, browse to and select the LDAP context where User objects are located.

  6. (Optional) Specify an LDAP filter and select additional options as needed.

  7. (Optional) Select Import User Photo to import the user photo stored in the directory to the GroupWise System Address Book.

  8. Click Preview to list the users who will be imported into GroupWise from the LDAP directory.

  9. (Conditional) As needed, adjust the filter and options, and then click Update Preview until you are satisfied with the list.

  10. Click Import Users.

  11. Click Close to close the User Import dialog box.

    The users are given GroupWise mailbox in the post office you selected and can access their mailboxes through the GroupWise client or GroupWise WebAccess.

  12. (Conditional) If you receive an error indicating that the LDAP user name includes an invalid character:

    1. Manually add the user with a user name that is valid in GroupWise.

      See Manually Creating GroupWise Accounts.

    2. Manually associate the GroupWise user with the LDAP user.

      See Associating GroupWise Users with an LDAP Directory.

  13. (Conditional) If you have imported users from an LDAP directory other than NetIQ eDirectory, and if you use GroupWise Messenger with your GroupWise system, see Messenger in the GroupWise 18 Interoperability Guide.

  14. Skip to Configuring New GroupWise Accounts.