40.4 --home

Specifies the path to the DVA home folder. The default location varies by platform:





NOTE:On some versions of Windows Server, the ProgramData folder is not visible by default. To display it in File Explorer, click View, and then select Hidden items.

For background information, see Setting the DVA Home Folder.

Linux DVA

Windows DVA


  • ‑‑home /directory
  • /home-[drive:]\dir
  • /home-\\svr\sharename\dir


  • ‑‑home /opt/novell/groupwise/gwdva
  • /home-\Program Files\Novel\GroupWise Server\gwdva
  • /home-m:\temp\gwdva
  • /home-\\server2\c\temp\gwdva

On Windows, if you are running the DVA as a Windows service rather than as an application, the format you use for the path name influences the Windows user account that the DVA service can run under. If you specify a home folder on the local server or on a mapped drive, the DVA service can run under the local system account. If you specify a home folder as a UNC path to a remote server, the DVA service must run as a Windows user that has rights to access the remote home folder.