9.7 Merging a Domain into Your GroupWise System

In order to merge a domain into the local GroupWise system as a new secondary domain, the domain must first be an external domain and the only domain in the other GroupWise system. Each external domain must also have the same name as the primary domain for the system it is being merged with. In the example below, two new external domains were created from their primary domains in preparation for merging the System 1 and System 2 GroupWise domains.

GroupWise System 1

GroupWise System 2

External GroupWise Domains

Primary Domain: CompanyDom

Primary Domain: BU02Dom

System 1 external domain: BU02Dom



System 2 external domain: CompanyDom

For information about creating an external GroupWise domain, see Creating an External Domain.

The merge process consolidates GroupWise objects within GroupWise, but the data remains in the same servers as they were before. No data copying takes place. However, this task requires direct file access to both domain databases. For that reason, it is not available in the GroupWise Administration Console, which provides direct file access to one domain database through the Admin Service for that domain. Instead, you use the GroupWise Administration Utility (GWAdminUtil) to perform the task.

  1. Complete the prerequisites of creating an external domain for each GroupWise system you are merging.

  2. Stop the GroupWise agents and the GroupWise Administration service for both domains.

  3. On your local machine, provide folder access to both the primary domain database and the secondary domain database.

  4. Use one of the following commands to merge the external GroupWise domain into the local GroupWise system:

    gwadminutil merge -p /path_to_local_primary_domain 
                      -d /path_to_external_primary_domain
    gwadminutil merge -mergesync -p /path_to_local_primary_domain 
                      -d /path_to_external_primary_domain

    The -mergesync option establishes external system synchronization between the local GroupWise system and any other external systems that were syncing with the external primary domain.

  5. Create on the external server of the merged domain, now secondary domain, the same name GUID directory /opt/novell/groupwise/certificates/as it is on the primary domain server.

  6. Copy of the ca.crt file from the primary domain GUID directory into the new GUID directory on the external server.

  7. Run the following commands on the external server:

    gwadminutil certinst -ca primary_domain_DNS:9710 -db /path_to_merged_domain
    gwadminutil certinst -ca primary_domain_DNS:9710 -db /path_to_merged_domain\wpgate\GWIA
    gwadminutil certinst -ca primary_domain_DNS:9710 -db /path_to_PostOffice_under_merged_domain
  8. Start the GroupWise Administration service on the external server only, and open the GroupWise Administration console.

  9. From the GroupWise Administration console, delete the old certificates and generate new certificates as follows:

    • Message Transfer Agents: Select the MTA and delete both “file” entries on the SSL Settings tab. Then, click Generate Certificate.

    • Internet Agents: Select the GWIA and delete both “file” entries on the GroupWise > SSL Settings tab. Then, click Generate Certificate.

    • Post Office Agents: Select the POA and delete both “file” entries on the SSL Settings tab. Then, click Generate Certificate.

  10. Start the GroupWise MTA and GWIA services.

  11. Do the following In the GroupWise Administration console:

    1. Click Post Offices in the navigation pane.

    2. Click the post office and select Post Office Database in the Maintenance pull-down menu.

    3. Select Rebuild Database in the Post Office Database Maintenance window, and click Run.

    This action will update the new certificates in the wphost.db file.

  12. Start the GroupWise POA service.

  13. Start all GroupWise services (Administration and the agents) on the primary domain server.

NOTE:End users will need to re-accept the newly generated certificates if a C/S port is secured.

IMPORTANT:If you use GroupWise Web in your enterprise, you will need reconfigure it to reflect any new Post Offices added from the merged secondary domain. For more information, see Updating the GroupWise Post Office Agent, in the GroupWise Web Readme on the docker site.