13.4 Sending and Receiving Attachments

When sending an item:

Click the attachment icon in the bottom bar to select a file to attach.


Drag and drop a file in the compose view.

When receiving an item, attachments appear at the bottom of the item with an icon representing what it is. To view the attachment:

  • Click the attachment icon to see an HTML preview of the item.

    NOTE:PowerPoint files will not render if you are using a Linux DVA.


    Click the download button to download the attachment.

  • If you receive a message with Mime.822 formatting, you can download the Mime.822 message by doing the following:

    1. Select the mail item in the Mailbox list.

    2. Toggle to display the Preview Pane from the Settings menu if it is not already shown.

    3. Go to Properties > Advanced Properties.

    4. Click the Mime.822 link in the Files section of Advanced Properties.