6.0 About Compose Views in GroupWise Web

GroupWise Web enables you to compose new messages and signatures in either an integrated HTML editor or plain text.

The HTML editor supports:

  • Character and paragraph formatting, including various fonts, and text and background colors.

  • Emoticons.

  • Hyperlinks.

  • Image insertion and manipulation.

  • Simple tables.

  • Browser options, such as highlighting misspelled words and displaying right-click options for copying, pasting, and so on.

For new messages the initial editor is the one you have chosen as your default Compose View.

  • To set your default Compose View, click the icon, select Plain Text or HTML, then click Save.

  • To switch between HTML and plain-text modes, use the icon in the bottom bar.

    WARNING:When you switch from HTML to plain-text mode, all formatting is lost.

    If you proceed through the warning that displays, only your text remains. GroupWise Web discards all formatting, images, links, and so forth. Switching back to the HTML view does not restore them.