12.1 Managing Signatures

GroupWise Web enables you to create, select, modify, and delete your signatures and apply any Global Signatures that are available for your use.

  • Click the Settings icon at the top of the app window and select Signatures.

  • To enable your default signature for use, select the Turn on my signature option.

    • To have your default signature added to new messages, select Automatically add.

    • To choose whether to add your default signature to a new message, select Click to add.

  • To create a new signature, click , specify a signature name, use the HTML editor to create the signature, and then click Save.

  • To modify a signature, click it in the Signature List, make the desired changes, and then click Save.

  • To set a signature as your default signature, open the signature for editing, enable the Make Default Signature option, and then click Save.

    To change the default to another signature in the Signatures list, repeat the process on a different signature. This will remove the designation from the other signature.

    NOTE:The default signature has an asterisk (*) appended to its name in the Signatures list.

  • To add one of your signatures to an email, you must have enabled the Turn on my signature option and created one or more signatures.

    If you have selected the Automatically add option, your default signature is immediately added when you start to create a new email.

    If you have selected the Click to add option, you can add the signature anytime while creating a new email.

  • Switching between the plain text and HTML compose views does not cause the signature to lose its HTML formatting. The signature simply switches back and forth between plain text and HTML formatting.

  • To remove a signature from the Signatures list and delete it from GroupWise, click the Delete icon for that signature.

  • If your organization provides organizational “Global” signatures, you can add them when sending messages.