21.1 Creating Personal Address Books

You can only create a new address book (Contacts folder) from Frequent Contacts. You cannot create a new address book from another Contacts folder. After creating a new address book you can add contacts to it by copying them from the GroupWise Address Book, from Frequent Contacts, or from another personal address book. You can also move contacts from Frequent Contacts or other personal address books that you create from Frequent Contacts.

Once created and populated with contacts, these personal address books give you the capability to quickly find contacts based on how you organize and label them. For example, if you work with different teams you could create an address book for each team.

To create a personal address book:

  1. With Mailbox or Contacts in focus, right-click Frequent Contacts and select New Contacts Folder.

  2. Type a name for the new Contacts folder and press Enter or click the check mark.

You can now start populating the address book by moving or copying contacts into it.