5.1 Deleting Items

You can initiate a Delete or Delete and Empty operation in variety of ways depending on the item type. For example:

  • Right-click menu

  • Toolbar Delete icon (including a calendar item toolbar)

  • Toolbar Delete pull-down menu

In most cases, when you initiate a Delete operation, a prompt opens that presents you with options based on the type and status of the item. Exceptions to this prompt are tasks that only belong to you, in which case, those tasks are simply deleted without a prompt when clicking or a delete option in a pull-down or right-click menu.

Behavior for the different Delete and options you may see are described below:


The simple Delete option, once executed, removes the item(s) from the applicable list (Mailbox, Calendar, Personal Contacts) and places it in the Trash where it can be recovered if needed.

Delete and Empty

The Delete and Empty option, once executed, removes the item(s) from the applicable list and permanently deletes the item(s) from GroupWise.


Depending on the type and state of the items selected, a Purge prompt may appear when you choose Delete and Empty for more than one item. The intent is prevent accidental, permanent deletion of many items.

Delete from

Delete from is a dialog box menu that provides a Retract feature when one or more “sent” items selected for deletion are in multiple mailboxes, meaning both the sender (owner) and one or more recipients. For example:

  • My Mailbox: Deletes the item only from your Mailbox.

  • Recipient’s Mailbox: Deletes the item only from the recipient’s Mailbox.

  • All Mailboxes: Deletes the item from both your Mailbox and all recipient mailboxes.

  • Retract comment: This option is enabled for all Calendar items, so you can inform any recipients of the cancellation on their calendars.

Retract behavior

You can only retract Mail and Phone items if they are unopened when you delete them. The opened state is irrelevant for Calendar items (task, appointment, and note) when retracting.

If a calendar item is recurring, you will be prompted to choose from existing recurrence options when deleting and retracting: This Instance, All Instances, and This Instance Forward.

NOTE:The Retract feature is only for Sent items and is not currently supported for Personal Folder items.